Team UniquE

How we came to be.

Recently after the Day of Beys tournament, we realised The Prodigies were the only 'professional' Beyblade team available at the time.
Of course joining them would have made things too easy, and you know we do like a challenge. 
Thus blah and Chups got together and a Beyblade team was born.

Although at the time the name of the team could not be decided, Chaos Blader, another blader with amazing skills, joined the team.

After some weeks we decided on the name UniquE as we were typically all unique bladers who used whichever Beys we wanted to.

At Bey Storm II we faced our first team challenges. 
However tough it may have seemed, we managed to take away both victories.

In need of another blader on the team we scouted the players at Bey Storm II. One blader who caught our attention was tehfez who showed a lot of potential after placing second in the tournament. Not long after tehfez joined our team to have 4. :D